Aesthetics Clinic

At Premier, you will find the best dermatology and skincare treatments available in the region. Look and feel your very best through a variety of safe and effective cosmetic skin care procedures for men and women that can address genetic and ageing issues.

Our expert aestheticians utilize the latest tools and techniques, including Co2 fractional laser technology and radio frequency, to provide safe and effective treatments such as non-invasive face, neck and body solutions, premium injectables, fillers, mesotherapy, skin rejuvenation, lips, Botox, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), threads, contouring, and cheekbone and Chin therapies.


  • Restores Face Volume
  • Cheek
  • Cheekbones
  • Smooth
  • Fine Lines
  • Forehead Lines
  • Glabellar Lines
  • Tear Troughs
  • Moderate Lift & Revitalization
  • Eyebrows
  • Nasolabial Folds
  • Periorbotal Lines
  • Marionetle Lines
  • Lip Defination
  • Medium to Deep Skin Depressions
  • Temple
  • Lips Augmentation & Modelling

Laser Clinic

Using the best laser machines available on the market, DEKA SYNCHRO QS4, DEKA SYNCHRO REPLAY, DEKA SMART XIDE CO2. Premier’s Certified Laser Practitioner delivers state of the art equipment to remove hair, unwanted skin lesions, pigmentation, acne scars, pigmentation, photo-aging and tattoos safely and with great results. The Clinic is specialized in the removal of stretch marks, spider veins, vascular rejuvenation and capillaries on the face and legs.


  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Hair Bleaching
  • Acne Scars
  • Pigmentation
  • Tatoo Removal
  • Lip Lightening
  • Carbon Peel
  • Anti Cellulite
  • Broken Cappillaries
  • Roseca
  • Spider Veins
  • Varicose Veins


Bahrain’s first photo frequency light clinic, introducing Milta Derm Technology.

Promoting wellbeing through photoemissions, Milta targets, Derma, Ortho, Gynaecology, Tissue & cell restoration, regulates Inflamation & Reduces Pain.

Milta represents a therapeutic breakthrough and offers a very effective, painless, athermic, noninvasive method free from side effects to an array of physiological and neurological indications.


  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Alopecia
  • Stress Therapy
  • Migraines
  • Immunity
  • Inflammation
  • Sports Injury
  • Diabetes Foot
  • Infections
  • Intimate Health
  • Infertility
  • Subacromial Bursitis
  • Pain Relief
  • Arthritis
  • Sinusitis
  • Full Detox
  • Bone Healing
  • Wrist Disorders
  • Elbow Injuries
  • Live Detox
  • Head or Neck Pain
  • Ankle Disorders


Welcome to Bahrain’s first cosmetology gynaecology and intimate health clinic for both men and women. Led by the Kingdom’s foremost Consultant Gynaecologist & Obstetrician and menopause expert, Premier offers the first non-surgical intimate rejuvenation treatment to boost collagen, tighten, and treat urinary stress incontinence, and restore post childbirth issues. Improve intimate health and aesthetics and boost your confidence and comfort in as little as a 30-minute session.


  • Urine Incontinence
  • PRP O-Shots®
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation
  • Mesotherapy Vaginal Tightening
  • Labia Majora Augmentation by Fillers
  • Labia Majora Lightening


Using multi-Polar radio frequency & pulsed electro magnetic fields, high ultrasound frequency; Premier’s highly skilled technician is able to offer you proven safe & effective relaxed experience that delivers noticable results.


  • Collegen Production
  • Reduced Cellulite Appearance
  • Non Invasive Lifting & Tonning
  • Break down adipocyte Fat Cells
  • Wrinkle Reduction
  • Body Contouring
  • Skin Tightening & Smoothing
  • Fat Reduction


Premier introduces Dr. Sebastiano Oieni & Dr. Salvatore D’Arpa highly skilled surgeons who excel in Cosmetic & Corrective Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.


  • Smart Liposuction
  • Male Breast Reduction
  • Otoplasty
  • Body Sculpting
  • Eyelid Surgery
  • Fat Grafting
  • Chin Augmentation
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Ear Reshaping.


Breast reconstruction, augmentation, lifting & reduction. These procedures are available for women who have undergone a mastectomy or for women who have abnormally large breasts that are causing back problems or other related health issues; men also undergo breast reduction.

Surgeries for feet and hands: This surgery is available for people affected by any number of maladies, including tumors (cancerous and non-cancerous) and webbed or extra toes or fingers. People also can receive treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome, dupuytren disease, de quervain’s disease & trigger finger.

Burn & Trauma: For individuals who have been severely burned or cut, skin grafts or other reconstructive techniques are available through skin flap technique.

Microsurgery or flap procedures. These surgeries can be performed to replace parts of the body affected by injury or disease, such as cancer.

Facial surgeries. These can be performed to correct facial defects such as nose, eyes, ears, neck.

Primary Rhinoplasty / Secondary Rhinoplasty / Nose Reconstruction after Cancer

  • Dr Sebastiano Oeini

    Specialist Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics

    Specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery. Graduate and Specialized with honors at the University of Palermo. During the years of his training he became interested in the surgery of the cervico-facial district with a particular interest in Rhinoplasty, Profiloplasty and the Surgery of Body Remodeling. He has several scientific publications in national and international journals of plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

    Specialize in

    • Primary Rhinoplasty
    • Secondary Rhinoplasty
    • Nose Reconstruction after Cancer
    • Face and Neck Contouring
    • Body Shaping